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And it was magic. I did the whole thing there because I could see the turtles dancing there. It was all about dancing back in those times. Before, the turtles were not expected to dance. I actually got the turtles to dance in the movie. But Vanilla Ice had seen the turtles dancing. You can make a Data Subject Request at any time.

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The mouthpiece, which is separate from the helmet, is also made of resin, and was secured to the actor's face with temple tips and a mask string. The costume pieces can be screen-matched throughout Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze by comparing the helmet's golden squares and the mouthpiece's distinct wear and markings.

Why we need better, bigger data to help combat food waste

According to Richard "Petie" Waldrop, the sequel's prop master, only two helmets were ever made for the original films. This particular one is labeled 2, while the stocking cap on the inside is marked 1. The other helmet was in need of repairs and has since disappeared. Each nunchaku measures 12" in length. They are made of solid wood, and the cords are leather.

Vanilla Ice and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - Go Ninja, Go Hilarious HD

Michaelangelo's Michelan Sisti weapon of choice, aside from his pizza cutter, he can be seen carrying them throughout the movie. It is possible that the weapons were used again for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze , although Mikey didn't twirl them around as much in the sequel due to complaints received from parent groups. These nunchaku show an incredible amount of wear, including several scars on the wood and scattered splotches of white paint, evidence that they had quite the Foot workout. According to Richard "Petie" Waldrop, the sequel's prop master, only three weapon sets were created for the first two Ninja Turtles movies, and Planet Hollywood has one.

In his own words, he referred to these particular weapons as "the best" of them all. These items came with a letter of authenticity from Richard "Petie" Waldrop, the sequel's prop master. Each sword measures 33" in length. The blades and hand guards are made of a heavily-built aluminum, while the hilts are wooden and wrapped in leather. The blade edges, although dulled, are substantial enough in weight to still cause injury. These katana can be seen at the beginning of the film when Leonardo Mark Caso brandishes them at the crooks robbing the mall.

vanilla ice go ninja mac n cheese

There are hidden magnets on the wooden arm to prevent bouncing after clapping. This item was originally obtained from Richard "Petie" Waldrop, the sequel's prop master. The knot was salvaged by one of the Turtle dressers after filming wrapped. The eye mask part would have been glued onto the foam latex head. That's a fact, Jack! He was replaced by Adam Carl. The prop master on the film confirmed its authenticity, recognizing it as one of three set-ready, stuffed versions.

The newspaper measures 10 x And "stuffed" this newspaper certainly is! There are pages and pages of fake news stories, even a sports page on the back. The newspaper was printed in Wilmington at The Star News , a real local paper.

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Splinter holds up this newspaper and chastises the Turtles at the very end of the movie, making them do ten back flips as punishment for their very un-ninja-like behavior of showing up on the front page of the Daily News after getting down and busting some radical dance moves with Vanilla Ice the previous night. Go, ninja! I made another funny! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha A prop newspaper using a similar template as this one can be seen in the Saved by the Bell episode "Save the Max.

Obtained from a private collector, this particular newspaper was originally loaned to the stills photographer but was never returned. There are production stills of this exact paper in Splinter's hands.

Vanilla Ice decries lack of emotional truth in new Ninja Turtles rap

According to Todd Langen, the sequel's screenwriter, the acronym was later changed to TGRI due to the existence of a real laboratory with that name in California. A radioactivity symbol appears on each of the end caps, just like the canister seen in the original movie when Splinter recounts his and his sons' origin story to April O'Neil. However, perhaps due to the fact that the first film does not delve much into the back story of the ooze like the sequel does, the TCRI name is not shown on screen.

When this prop was made, the canister design was still undergoing several cosmetic changes.

For example, it appears that the vinyl lettering was originally a dark burgundy before being colored black. This item was obtained directly from Kevin Eastman Studios. The prop master on the film authenticated this canister as one of about canisters used in the film, mostly as background props in the lab. Only one canister used during filming contained any real "ooze," while the others were painted a bright green inside the tubes to simulate the slime.

Unfortunately, any hopes of re-animating Tokka and Rahzar are dashed because this is one such green-ooze-painted canister. The canister's tube is made of acrylic, and the side plates and end caps are of a hard plastic. Stunt canisters contained foam rubber end caps as a safety precaution. The canister measures approximately Ooze canisters are key props in the movie, as they explain the origins of the Turtles and their dramatic transformation from common household pets to lean, mean, green fighting machines.

This item was originally acquired from an Azalea Auction event, which was held in Castle Hayne, North Carolina on January 24, , where the Turtles II prop master sold hundreds of props that were previously in storage. The canister is missing its TGRI decal due to heavy production use. Traces of the lettering can still be seen, however. Although similar to the Foot Clan masks seen in the first movie, the sequel's mask eye holes are slightly smaller. The patch is a bolder red than the rest of the bandana to stand out better in the film.

The black on the wire frame of the eyes was hand-painted. Daniel Pesina appeared as a Foot Soldier in the majority of the film's fighting scenes, getting kicked, punched, or thrown, including in the infamous night club scene with Vanilla Ice near the end of the movie. At one point during that scene, the actor who played Donatello was supposed to roll Pesina and then do a side kick, but he decided to do a roundhouse kick instead without giving a warning, and as a result, Pesina almost lost his two front teeth.

The Foot Soldier actors could barely see where to move in front of whatever technique was being thrown, and the Turtle actors were just as visibly impaired with their giant reptile heads.

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During the cuts, a few of the Foot would run around and get hit again. In one instance, Pesina was taken down four different times in the same fight. But the fighting didn't end when the cameras stopped rolling.

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  8. On the first day that Vanilla Ice showed up on set, Michelan Sisti, the actor who played Michaelangelo, went up to the rapper to give him a hug and welcome him aboard. About 18 of the actors nearby, including Pesina, stepped forward to pounce until Pat Johnson, the stunt coordinator, who used to work under Chuck Norris and was the mustached ref in The Karate Kid , stopped them from brawling right then and there.

    Multiple props and costumes were made for back-up purposes. This is Daniel's second mask, and it saw much more action than the first. Daniel loaned the rest of his Foot costume to someone, and it was never returned. There were four acting Turtles and about six stunt Turtles by the end of the movie.

    A musician, Broadway actor, and later puppeteer for the Jim Henson Company, Sisti played Mikey in the first two Turtle movies, as well as the Domino's Pizza delivery guy who slides the pizza down the sewer grates in the first film and April's overly friendly neighbor in the sequel. This pad was saved by one of the British prop girls who gifted it to Daniel Pesina on the last day of filming. The Turtle costumes were to be destroyed after shooting wrapped.

    Tilden is credited as playing Donnie in the first two Turtle movies, and also a Foot Soldier in both films. One of only three made, this particular belt is marked "hero" on the inside. Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman came up with the idea of introducing a fifth Turtle in , sketching out designs for a male character called Kirby, as a homage to a personal inspiration of his, comic book legend Jack "King" Kirby. Kirby would have featured prominently in a fourth live-action movie as a mutant from a parallel dimension who meets up with Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Donatello.

    Although that film ultimately went unproduced, Eastman brought his work over to Saban Entertainment, the production company behind the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers , to brainstorm a television program. Together, they travel to Shanghai, where the girl Turtle trains in the internal arts of Shinobi mysticism for 17 years, until she finally learns of her American roots. Returning to the sewers of New York City, she joins the rest of the Turtles under a new alias, "Venus de Milo," using her powers of the mind and heart to battle against the dreadful Dragon Lord and his Rank Dragons.

    Based on promotional material, which emphasizes the Turtles are not biologically related, it is thought that she would have developed into a love interest for one of the green teens had The Next Mutation continued for a second season. One of the most controversial characters in the history of the franchise, Peter Laird, the other co-creator of the Turtles, has called Venus the epitome of "all that is stupid and shallow about Hollywood," and reportedly barred TMNT director Kevin Munroe from even acknowledging her existence.

    This item was originally obtained from Chiodo Brothers Productions Inc.

    Vanilla Ice Rocks Out in New Kraft Mac n’ Cheese Spot from CP+B

    It would have been glued onto Mikey's bandana in fact, some glue residue still remains. The bandana eye star can be seen when the Turtles perform outdoors on top of the marquee at Radio City Music Hall. Later touring costumes ditched the eye star and used running shoes and spandex pads to help the actors move around during the two-hour-long live show.

    The original costumes also had bulky shells, but were later replaced with light jean vests after rehearsals. Sweaty performers pretended to play instruments through exaggerated movements in their rubber suits to crowds of screaming Turtle fans.